Church Committees
Like every organization, a church runs with groups and committees.  This is a great way to get connected to the people at Bethany.  Some of the committees at Bethany are Finance, Staff-Parish Relations (personnel issues and policies), Board of Trustees (building and grounds), Library, Evangelism & Missions and Committee on Lay Leadership (electing people to leadership positions in the church) and more.   Some of these are detailed below.

Nursery Worker
Bethany has a Sunday morning nursery available for children under 2 years of age.  We look for helpers on a rotating basis.  Our worship services are fully staffed (but always welcomes more helpers!).    If you would like to help with either time slot, let us know!

Social Concerns
The Social Concerns group at Bethany pulls together when there is a family in need of a funeral meal or, occasionally, a wedding reception.  Willa Ptashinski is in charge of these willing workers who may be asked to bake a cake, help set-up, prepare, serve or clean up for a meal.  Even being on the list to make a cake is a huge help and a huge comfort for the family who needs a little less worry at that time in their lives.  Help us help them.

Sunday School Teacher/Assistant
Bethany holds Sunday school classes every week during the year. Substitute teachers and weekly helpers are always needed for all age groups.  

How can I serve the church and community at Bethany?  Great question! Think about what you like to do, how God has gifted you to serve His Church, and when you are available to serve. We take your desire to serve very seriously and pledge to you that one of our staff members or one of our ministry directors will be in touch with you to connect you with a serving opportunity that fits you. If you realize that what you are signed up to do isn’t working, we’ll help you find a place that does!  Contact the church office for more information or to volunteer (570-752-2576 or )

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