Small Groups

Quilting Club – We are a group of individuals who love to sew and fellowship.  We make quilts into sleeping bags for the homeless.  We meet each Monday in the Stained Glass Room from 2-4 pm and the coordinator of our group is June Sitler.

Pieces of Prayer (Prayer Squares Ministry) – We have meetings on Wednesdays in the Stained Glass Room to make quilting squares to be given to individuals who are in need of prayer and healing.  We will pray for the individuals who will receive the squares.  The group coordinator is Christine Portner.  You are welcome to bring fabric to be used to make the squares.  **This group sets their schedule when there is a need for prayer squares and does not meet on a regular basis

Praise Team is a small group of individuals who love to praise the Lord.  We practice in the sanctuary Fridays at 5:45 pm and participate in the worship service on Sundays during the 11:00 am Praise Service.  We have a time for devotion and prayer before we have music practice.  


Grief Support Group – We are having a Grief Support Group meeting on Mondays at 6:30 pm downstairs in Room #2.  The group will be led by Joan Harmon.  She can be reached at 570-752-7450.

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